The philosophy that better describes me as an intimate companion and allows me to enjoy the most of each appointment -thus offering you the best of myself- is dating only those people with whom I have a good feeling from the first e-mail and who show a real interest in dating me.

And what is a good feeling for me? That is simple! I appreciate those people who take the time to read all the sections in my website and who write to me in a natural and respectful tone. That way, we will create the perfect atmosphere regarding the moment we meet.

If you are reading here is probably because you want to find out more about me, maybe in person? If you agree with my aforementioned requirements, it will be a pleasure to meet you! You can book our appointment now by the following contact form, I will answer you back as soon as possible (normally, in less than 24 hours).

Please, tell me the day and approximate time you want to meet me, and do not hesitate to ask me any doubts. 

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