♡ What I like doing in the intimacy

• Cuddling     • Stroking     • Kissing • Shower together     • Lingerie     • Strip tease

• Relaxing massage     • Erotic massage • Masturbation  (On you & On me)

• Toys (dildo, vibrator, fetish…) • Oral sex (On you & On me) • Bare Back / Covered Blowjob

• Light BDSM     • Light spanking     • Strap on (On you) • Kamasutra

• Private parties     • Shopping together

• Lesbian     • Threesome (2 girls & 1 boy or 3 girls)

• Voyeur (Me with another girl & you watch us / You with another girl & I watch you)

• To be treated with respect and education

If you’re looking for something which is not mentioned above, please ask me through the contact form 😉

♡ Appointments ♡

♦ Caprice ♦ 200 €

One hour during which we will explore ourselves, satisfy our desires and vibrate in unison while we forget the rest of the world

♦ Indulgence  ♦ 250 €

The appointment that I prefer for a first appointment…

One hour and a half during which we will be able to know each other more deeply and to indulge each other with the most naughty treats we can imagine…

♦ Profoundness ♦ 350 €

Two hours of profound intimacy during which we will do whatever we want to, slowly, and at the same time making the most of every single minute together. The perfect appointment to let me spoil you…

♦ Delicious Soirée ♦ 600 €
(Lunch/ Dinner [2 hrs] + Intimacy [2 hrs])

I love foreplay, specially when starting with a delicious viand paired with a glass of good wine. And once we have warmed up…

What about enjoying the dessert more calmly, in the suite…? 😉

♦ Fellatio Café ♦ 120 €

Forty five minutes during which you will be able to enjoy a warm and tasty coffee while I will take you to the seventh heaven with the most delightful treat you have ever experienced… Not for the fainthearted 😉

♦ Skin to skin  ♦ 150 €

Do you fancy a warm, intimate appointment in which enjoying a relaxed conversation and a sensual massage surrounded by the gentle glow of candlelight? Then, this one-hour appointment is what you were exactly looking for.

(If you’d like to know more about “Skin to skin”, please ask me in Contact).

♦ Cuddle buddy ♦ 100 €

There are times in our lives when we just want to share affection, cuddling, snuggling; having a conversation while we watch a film on the tv or have a coffee; or maybe going to a restaurant, or visiting a museum together, or even getting lost in the streets of the city at sunset…

Let’s create an unforgettable experience, full of magic and special moments…

(First hour: 100 €, & 100 € each additional hour)

♦ At night, on the sly ♦ 1000 €
(Not available at the moment)

The darkness of night will protect us from indiscreet eyes and will be our ally of games and confessions. I will spoil you for ten hours during which we will be able to give free way to our deepest desires. I will love to sleep by your side, to cuddle up with you and to wish you a good morning with a warm kiss and… whatever comes after that 😉


• 25% deposit  via PayPal or Verse is required in order to confirm our date. This amount will be deducted from the total unless you cancel our date with less than 24 hours  and without justification.  •

~ Dates starting after 8pm will include an extra of 50€ ~

Our date will preferably take place at your hotel, but if that is not possible, I can book a hotel room. In such case, the total fee will be increased depending on the rate of the hotel room, and you’ll need to add it to the deposit.

I will accept the rest of the amount corresponding to our booked appointment at the beginning of our date, in cash, in an open envelope.

My fees are not negotiable.

Thank you! 

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