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Welcome to my website. I am Lea Ferrer, a sweet and mischievous Spanish damsel whose feline gaze is said to be capable of delighting the most demanding sybarite souls. (Para ver la web en español, click aquí).

I am a restless mind: I can never get enough of life. If you ask me, I’ll probably be mastering some new skill, maybe a new language, maybe how to make my partner beseech for more of my secret and toothsome gifts…

I consider myself a confident, cheerful, curious girl, with plenty of iniciative and a keen sense of humor. Also, in the intimacy, I am sweet, sensual and feminine, and I love to flirt and seduce, little by little, my partner.

I have lots of interests and hobbies, including reading, writing, cuisine, photography, painting and, of course, listening to music. I can listen from classical music to electronic music, as well as jazz or 80’s music.

As you can see, I am a bit of an eclectic, in my hobbies as well as in my personal life: I like to collect all good things in life, whether in friendship, love, work, or even on the spiritual level. I always try to do things I’m passionate about and make me feel fulfilled. Being a companion is one of the things that enriches my life in many different ways.

Being able to know people of different ages, genders, nationalities, professions, interests… Is something priceless for me, since each appointment, each conversation, each relationship, makes my world a little bit larger, and even if I have had the opportunity to explore other countries, other cultures, other ways to see life… what I really love is to explore the bodies and minds of those who I share my intimacy with.

I enjoy if my partner enjoys. That’s the reason why I love to give pleasure and to experience together our most hidden fantasies. I also enjoy if my partner makes me enjoy: in bed, I am passionate an open-minded, and what I like most is to create an intimate, seductive atmosphere so that we can be ourselves and give free way to our instincts and desires. When you are next to me, you will feel me as a loving little kitty of fiery glance that might cause you a sudden blood pressure rise… You may not worry, though: I will afterwards lick your wounds until you heal from all pains…

Sensuality, elegance, spontaneity and discretion are the traits that best describe me as an intimate companion.

I welcome people of all ages (above 21), genders, sexualities, races, religions or interests. I will love if you share with me all that you desire, and I will try to make of our date a deliciously comfortable moment to allow you to live out your deepest desires.

Please keep in mind that I will only accept appointments with gentlemen, ladies or couples who book in advance (at least 24 hours) and who show me, via e-mail, a real interest in meeting me.

♦ A bit more about me ♦

Height: 1,63 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Body: 87-63-93 (cm)

Hair: Natural brown

Eyes: Brown

What I like most about my aspect: My eyes

A food: Sushi; Pizza

A drink: Sauvignon blanc

A work of art: “Le boulevard Montmartre, effet de nuit”, by Camille Pissarro

(and Impresionism in general)

A song: “Hypnotized”, by The Northern Territories

A place: The norwegian fjords (Will you take me there…?)

A book that made me smile: “The Star Diaries”, by Stanislaw Lem

A book that made me feel: “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, by Milan Kundera

A book that made me cry: “The Prince of Mist”, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

A literary series: “The Cemetery of Forgotten Books”, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

A poem: “Madrigal”, by Lorca

A film that made me smile: “Idiocracy”

A film that made me feel: “La Belle Verte”

A film that made me cry: Hundreds of them LOL. I’m a weepie. But if I could only choose one, then… “Hachiko” ;(

A TV series: “Black Mirror”

A perfume: Miss Dior – Blooming Bouquet

Style of clothing: Casual, elegant and discreet, generally with dark tones

A sport: Swimming

A historical figure: Virginia Woolf

Something I hate: Having a cold; nasty people

Something I love: A massage; an evening next to the fireplace in good company…

Don’t miss anything about my schedule and tours! Follow me on Twitter at @AcidSweetLea and Instagram at @LeaFerrerGfe.


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